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Computerized Printer Package
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Computerized Printer Package

Computerized Printer Package

The computerized printers from SLE allow you to print directly from your computer using any font or language. Use it to print on ribbons as narrow as 1/4 inch all the way up to 4-inch wide. Adding graphics is simple and you can print any number of lines in any direction. Printing one ribbon is just as easy as printing a thousand ribbons. Do multiple jobs at the same time. Finish 100 ribbons in 30 seconds. Foils are available in 13 colors, from 1-inch width to 4-inch width. We also supply satin ribbons from 1/4-inch to 4-inch width.
  • Applications: Best used for ribbon printing
  • Printing Width: Up to 4"
  • Printing Legth: Up to 89"
  • Printing Speed: Up to 5 inches/second
  • Print multiple ribbons at the same time: Up to 7 ribbons
  • Lines of text: Unlimited
  • Use Windows fonts: Yes
  • Rotate text: Yes
  • Import graphics: Yes
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs

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