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6' Fully Automatic Ribbon Specialist
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6" Fully Automatic Ribbon Specialist

6" Fully Automatic Ribbon Specialist

The SLE fully automatic ribbon printer allows you to print 100 ribbons in as little as 5 minutes! The 6-inch print width lets you finish both ends of the favor ribbon in just one print. The Automatic Cycle Mode makes ribbon printing so much easier. Simply set the length of each ribbon and the quantity you need and the machine starts printing by itself. NO MORE FOOT PEDAL! The Automatic Ribbon Rewinder is designed to advance the ribbon while the machine prints. NO MORE PULLING RIBBONS BY HAND! Electronic controls for dwell time and cycle time let you control the print the exact way you want it. The electronic counter keeps track of the number of prints you've done. Below is a list of everything that comes in the package.
  • 6-inch 1-line Type Holder for ribbon printing
  • Multi-line Type Holder (5" x 2") with Type Holder Stand
  • 18-point Murray Hill Type Set for 3/8" ribbons
  • Emblem Starter Set (EMS-1)
  • Magnotype Starter Set (TM-M80)
  • One Metal Type Box with adjustable compartments
  • 18-point Spacer Set with Spacer Box
  • Ribbon Rewinder, Ribbon Spindle, and Ribbon Guide
  • Napkin Guide and Matchbook Guide
  • Crysteramics Sampler Pack (for champagne glasses)
  • Sampler pack of party favor items
  • 20 Rolls of Stamping Foil ( 6" )
  • Tweezers and Holding Pad
  • Instruction Video XWZZ
  • Instruction Manual

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